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NON-STOP: Sanremo - New York

Press Release

Communicato Stampa
Press Release

NON-STOP: Sanremo - New York 

Curated by Marzia Taggiasco

Gianfranco Bertolotti - Paola Zampa - Gianni Lodi - Franco Zulian - Angelina Chavez - Eleonora Scarpellini - Lucia Arena - Paolo Loschi - Giuseppe Summa - Adelino Lyoi - Maria Grazia Palermo - Eugenia di Lorenzo - Giulia Terenzi - Andrea Taddei - Angela Vinci - Sara Bernocchi - Alberto Magrin - Daniangela Battisti - Marco Tronci Lepagier - AleAndrew Wany & Ale!- Frank Jordan

Opening Saturday April 26th, 6 - 9 pm

Aprile 25 - Maggio 3, 2008

Ex magazzino ferroviario " ITALO CALVINO"

Tel. +39 3409537120

Sanremo, ITALY.

Marzia Frozen is pleased to present a group exhibition of new generation of artists working today in Italy. This will be a group exhibition at the Italo Calvino Old Station and will feature a selection of paintings, pictures, sculptures and works on paper. The exhibition will be traveling to New York.

Euro goes up and US Dollar drops, that means a new Economy gives birth a new Art.If there's anyone left who still doubts that we're living at the end of the American empire, they can find confirmation for this state of affairs at the current Whitney Biennial, the latest edition of the museum's oft-maligned survey of contemporary American art. Is this a matter for regret? Not entirely. One might feel nostalgia for a not-so-distant past; but now american art reflects chaos, decay and anarchy of an empire and destroyed in the vanguard, formally and politically.

Advertisements for the 2008 Whitney Biennial promised a show that will tell us "where American art stands today"; although we basically already know. A lot of new art stands in the booths of international art fairs, where styles change fast, and one high-polish item instantly replaces another. The turnover is great for business, but it has made time-lag surveys like the biennial irrelevant as news.

A biennial for a recession-bound time? That's one impression it gives. With more than 80 artists, this is the smallest edition of the show in a while, and it feels that way, sparsely populated.

In the meantime artists in Italy working with strong basis in italian movements like Arte Povera or Trasvanguardia. With a long tradition in Visual Arts, today italian contemporary art is one of the most important places in the world. Where new art is created everyday.

A museum is under construction in Rome, nicknamed MAXXI, designed by Zaha Hadid and Larry Gagosian opened his new gallery at the eternal city. A museum opened in Bologna called Mambo. The Prada Foundation bought an exhibition space in the south of Milan; Rem Koolhaas will be that architect. And in the north of Milan there's Hangar Bicocca, devoted to gigantic installations; Anselm Kiefer's, an awesome series of towers, has become a pilgrimage site.

In Naples, Madre, a contemporary museum, has a new place. So does the Maramotti family's art collection.More is happening in Turin. And Venice has recently turned its customs house over to the French billionaire François Pinault, to show off his collection.

Beginning in Sanremo, a cutting edge group show with a new generation of artists working today in Italy. Showing from painting to sculpture, from photography to installation. This group show represents a new tendency in contemporary art after the falling of the American Empire. A new Italian Contemporary Art Scene.

Italian Contemporary Art